Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Unexpected encounter

Waiting at the terminal to return home after Socialism 2005 this past weekend, I saw a man sit down across from me. His baggage had little basketballs on all the zippers, which I thought was cool. I got up to throw out an apple core and noticed a WNBA tag on the top of his bag. Although not good at speaking to strangers, I decided to ask the man if he was somehow involved with the league. Very cordially he replied he was a referee and that he was flying to Los Angeles for the Tuesday game. I told him that I was a season ticket holder and we talked ball the rest of the time waiting for the flight. Jeff Smith #53 works WNBA during the summer and men's NCAA during the winter. He was friendly and very knowledgeable about the game. He had played when he was younger and coached for many years before becoming an official. We discussed a great many things things basketball, including Ray Allen's career.


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