Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Deferment queens

My best friend mentioned that an election in Ohio is of interest because one of the candidates is an Iraqi war (read invasion) veteran. This wouldn't be of too much interest except that the reactionary GOP types are smearing the individual by saying that the only reason they served was to use it for later political advantage.

We live in strange reactionary times don't we. The ruling class servants will start imperialist wars, but can't stand the thought of participating in them (other than profiting of course). This is why Operation Yellow Elephant is so to the point. If you are one of the people that had the misfortune of having served in the military to further ruling class agendas, you are subject to ridicule (think Purple Heart band-aids). The simple fact that not one individual in this administration and other top GOP leadership roles have served active duty military is repugnant and disgusting in light that they have started and support (in speech only) so many conflicts abroad.

The utter cowardice, yet at the same time possessed of a jingoistic propensity to use force whenever profitable has lead me to steal and modify a phrase from the ultra reactionary b-movie star who occupied Pennsylvania Avenue during the eighties. I will call these cowardly, draft dodging children of privilege "deferment queens" from this day forward. According to the deferment queens, veterans are the new "Freedom Haters." As a veteran, I stand in solidarity with my fellow working class veterans who are insulted by the GOP. Cheney, Bush, Rove, Delay, Rice, O'Reily, Carlson and all the other deferment queens can try to twist things all they want. The reality is that they are cowards through and through.


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