Thursday, March 30, 2006

Si Se Puede, photos from the historic march

Gran MarchaBeing part of the historic Los Angeles "Marcha" against the racist, ultra-reactionary HR4437 Sensenbrenner bill and the "me too" alternatives was an exhilarating experience to say the least. It will take more than a single march with anywhere from a half to a million and a half protesters, but the fight against racism and a new civil rights movement is beginning to awake. Where were the cowardly minutemen, S.O.S., and their white supremacist buddies to counter-protest all us "brown people lovers" and "race traitors" that marched along with our sisters and brothers from Central and South America? The working class is beginning to awake, we see no color, no sex, no religious differences. All we see is that we do all the work that creates the wealth and the exploiters that leech the wealth away. You are afraid that we are beginning to become class conscience. You are afraid that we will see that racism is a construction you created to keep us from forming a united front. You are afraid we might take back what you have stolen from us all our lives. You should be afraid.


March 18 Photos



A great article discussing Venezuela's progess.


The Ghost of George Wallace

Santos accurately discusses Klansmen, er, I mean anti-immigrant leaders Ghilchrist, Tancredo et al. The connection he draws to the Dixiecrats is instructive and an important argument for today's civil rights activists to remember.


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1001 Muslim Inventions


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Heck uva Job!


Peter Camejo Speaks out for South Central Farm

Gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo to urge LA Mayor to intervene Thursday on the eviction of 350 families at South Central community farm

LOS ANGELES – Former vice-presidential candidate Peter Camejo – who has announced he will run for Governor – will hold a major news conference Thursday to comment on the pending eviction of 350 families who have been sustaining themselves for 13 years on a 14-acre South Central community farm, the largest U.S. urban farm.

The news conference is set for 10 a.m. Thursday at the South Central Community Farm (Alameda & 41st St.).

Camejo is expected to strongly defend the rights of the community farmers, and publicly urge Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to intervene to protect the interests of the community against for his decision to give in to big developer Ralph Horowitz at the expense of those most in need in South Central.

The city allowed the South LA community to develop this land into a productive farm in 1992. The city secretly decided to sell it to developer Ralph Horowitz for about $5 million dollars in a back-room deal without public hearings. Horowitz is now demanding $16 million from the 350 families.

The farmers were to be evicted March 6, but have vowed to remain and even risk arrest.

For more information:
Contact: Randy Childs 310/869-6321 or Cres Vellucci 916/996-9170