Monday, February 11, 2008

Exchanges with White Supremacists

While I shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place, I made a comment post in response to a YouTube post that blacks somehow perpetrate more racism towards whites (I am rdsathene). My follow up post with the links was never posted because YouTube comments don't allow for links, and I realized the utter lack of historical knowledge and unprincipled politics of the types posting on YouTube would have been a waste of my time. Notice how 'CoollrThnU' immediately resorts to ad-hominum attacks and jingoistic U.S. nationalism.

Equating the racism of the oppressor to the racism of the oppressed? Blacks suffer a double oppression in the U.S., and are in no position to use racism to oppress whites economically or politically. The converse, of course, has been true ever since whites enslaved blacks. Anything appearing as racism from black individuals is typically a reaction to suffering a lifetime of real racism and oppression here in the cradle of racism.

Ameerica is not the fucking "cradle of racism", doucebag. The fucking European CREATED racism, or at least were the first to act upon it in a major way.

Yes, I'm a "doucebag" [sic] for pointing out something widely known. White supremacists here can save their comments for someone who cares to hear their racists drivel. Here are a few places to start for the under-educated: