Monday, January 26, 2009

Masters of Reality - John Brown - Live - Feat Ginger Baker


Saturday, January 24, 2009

SCIC Planning Meeting to Protest ABC's "Homeland Security USA"

Please come to the planning meeting for the SCIC's next action:

Sunday, January 25, 2009 at noon.
Domingo, 25 de Enero a media dia.
Señor Fish Restaurant, Downtown
422 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012.

This is the planning meeting to create a protest at ABC's studio location in Los Angeles demanding they discontinue their racist "Homeland Security USA" program. Glamorizing agents that break up families, imprison hard working people, and enforce arbitrary immigration laws creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in immigrant communities, and emboldens racist nativist groups.

Students, individuals, and groups in agreement with the SCIC's points of agreement are welcome to join the coalition.

1) Alto a Las Redadas / End the Raids
2) Legalizacion / Legalization

For more information of ABC's "Homeland Security USA" please join:

Southern California Immigration Coalition
(323) 602-3480
(213) 234-8561

Southern California Immigration Coalition
28th St. Elementary School Acorn Chapter, Associtation of Raza Educators, Brown Berets, Comite de Mujeres Patricia Marin, CISPES-Los Angeles, Committee on Raza Rights-Oxnard, Danza Azteca Cuahtemoc, Frente Contra las Redadas, Hermandad Mexicana Transnational, Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, Homies Unidos, IDEPSCA, Internet MECHA, International Socialist Organization, MAPA, National Immigrant Solidarity Network, Palisadians for Peace, Placita Olvera Working Group, Puerto Rican Alliance, Radical Women, School of the Americas Watch, L.A. Somos Raza, Union del Barrio, and many more.

Email us to endorse the campaign at


Monday, January 12, 2009

When laws are immoral, and serve to perpetuate racism

The following was written in response to a Facebook discussion board on the "ABC: Take "Homeland Security USA" reality show OFF the air!!" group. An individual posts a seemingly innocuous question entitled "What is the root of the concern about this show?" There is some banter back and forth, but the person initially posing the question eventually makes their point. They argue this is "a society based on rule of law." This threadbare argument, used by reactionaries and liberals alike, is premised on the notion that the state is somehow a neutral entity. The reality is the state was created as a means of maintaining class inequality and enforcing the rule of the few over the vast majority of us. Rather than an impartial arbiter, the capitalist state, along with its laws, serve the interests of those who rule. Very often the laws under the most "enlightened" bourgeois representative democracies are quite horrible. He further goes on to argue that just showing the factual accounts of DHS personnel outside the context of who they serve, and to what purpose they serve isn't intended to try and polish a tarnished DHS/ICE image. He then argues that the function of this show is utterly apolitical, and serves no propagandistic purposes whatsoever. Any immigrant rights activist knows from experience that DHS/ICE is not an apolitical department full of hardworking people safeguarding us from the other (read brown people). I think my following post really drives this home. -- Robert D. Skeels

Mr. [name withheld] has won me over with his verbosity and convoluted logic. Indeed, this is a country based on rule of law, and by extension, those paid to uphold such laws are heroes! In light of this we should beg Mr. Arnold Shapiro to produce the following shows as pitched below (obviously historical reenactments, but in spirit, identical in context to Homeland Security USA).

Defenders of Democracy - U.S.A. Against the Victimizing Vote
This Arnold Shapiro produced made for TV movie follows the travails of brave U. S. Attorney Richard Crowley doing his job to make sure those who would threaten our democracy by voting illegally pay for their crimes. When undesirables turn up to flout the law and vote in violation of the 1870's Enforcement Act, Richard Crowley does his prosaic and apolitical duty of prosecuting.

Separate, but Equal U.S.A.
If safeguarding Americans from the nefarious other from without constitutes brave and selfless service, how about from within? Just a few decades ago, before interference with States' Rights, certain folk knew their place. In fact, their place was inshrined in law. "Separate, but Equal U.S.A." is Arnold Shapiro's attempt to show how southern law enforcement protected our communities from those that would illegally cross lines they weren't supposed to cross, and committing dangerous acts like sitting on the wrong part of the bus and leering at our womenfolk. "This isn't political or about whether Jim Crow was morally wrong." said a Shapiro spokesperson. "This is about average men on the front lines upholding the laws at that time."

U.S.A. Marshals: Breaking the Contraband Network
Our democracy has always been a nation of laws, and any law or law enforcement agency protecting the sanctity of private property should be afforded the highest honors of all. This series follows ordinary U.S. Marshals performing their sacred duty of tracking down those stealing plantation property. These brave men also investigate a wide underground network of conspirators and lawbreakers aiding and abetted these fugitives. While critics of this Arnold Shapiro produced series see it as a defense of chattel slavery, they need to understand these brave marshals didn't write the "Fugitive Slave Law of 1850," they merely did their jobs.

Shall I go on?