Monday, March 02, 2009

Protesters Take On America's Toughest Sheriff (VIDEO)

@Seanjean922, where did you get that hundreds of thousands of victims idea? Lou Dobbs, John Tanton, or a Stormfront message board? As for your condescending and patronizing "Many of you young white Americans have not traveled beyond America's borders," I'm a middle aged Navy veteran that has traveled outside these borders many times. Sorry, you can't excuse away white supremacy with your vapid and specious arguments. This country has a long history of vicious treatment towards people from other lands; taking examples like the Chinese Exclusion act, or the Japanese Internment Camps for starters. Excusing racism, white supremacy, and ethnocentrism by saying it happens in other places is wholly unacceptable -- you have to fight it where ever it is. If I lived in another country where racism was rampant, I would fight it there. I live in Los Angeles, and for years have marched and organized alongside all the people you vilified in your post -- Koreans, Salvadorians, Mexicanos, Filipinos, Ecuadoreans and so many more. These undocumented peoples, "Illegals" to quote your disgusting language of our oppressors, are hard working and honest peoples. I've stood toe to toe with vile filthy racists from white supremacist groups including the Minutemen, Stormfront, SOS, and other Klansman. Sadly, your above prose sounds strikingly familiar to the things they always say.
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