Thursday, July 14, 2005

Excellent Venezuela article

Good Things Happening in Venezuela: Having just seen a Trotskyist speaker from Venezuela recently, it was nice to see an article by someone who recently visited. The whole region is exiting because working class people are starting to understand their strength and potential. Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and others are models of how things can change when the U.S. ruling class is too occupied oppressing other parts of the globe.

Midway through the piece I had to fight back tears. When I got to this line:

I visited one of the government-supported community food stores that are located around the country, mostly in low income areas. These modest establishments sell canned goods, pasta, beans, rice, and some produce and fruits at well below market price, a blessing in a society with widespread malnutrition.

There were several more items like the previous, which really brought out the emotions. I can't speak for anyone else, but it is things like this that made me a leftist. When Chavez and the Bolivarians are able to accomplish the most basic things that a government should provide, it is inspiring to continue the struggle. Countries as resource rich as Venezuela, Columbia and Argentina should never have people going for want. The Venezuelan and U.S. ruling class can try to vilify the democratically elected Chavez all they want. In the end who is closer to Matthew 25:35-40, Chavez or the monster in the White House?


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