Monday, July 18, 2005

Another home loss

I would have to check, but it seems as if the Sparks have lost more home games this year than in the past few years combined. We get Mwadi back, we loose Dixon. As soon as they announced Masciadri in the starting spot that is Holdsclaw's I knew something was wrong. The game notes for Tuesday's game list her as day to day with a hamstring problem. Despite the injuries and flatness in their play, this game was really won by a Seattle team playing to their potential. The zone left Jackson open for several open three point shots, and there were times when the press allowed Bird to find outlet players to easy layups. Again I credit the Storm for playing one of their best games of the year. Bird and Jackson played extremely well.

Infamous referee #35 Bryan Enterline was up to his usual tricks. Thomas fouled out, Mwadi was a foul short of the that and recipient of a dubious technical. Although there was only a seven team foul difference by the end of the game, there were also some calls that were hard to believe even with #35 officiating. I lost count of the times Burse was allowed to catch the ball in the paint and then take three to four baby steps before shooting. We're not talking change of pivot foot here, we're talking no pivot foot. Lennox was in her usual form, throwing elbows coming around screens, shoving players and more with only one call all game for all her rough and tumble.

While it will be nice to see long time Sparks standout Delisha Milton-Jones on Tuesday, the Sparks absolutely need that game before starting a long and difficult road trip. The Lynx are right behind them, and Seattle is waiting in the wings as well.


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