Saturday, July 16, 2005

Little epiphanies

Last fall I was at my friend's house and they were discussing how a PBS program was cancelled because it would include a lesbian couple in a discussion of families. Her husband, a lawyer and one time leftist (not a former leftist, just one that is no longer active) made a comment about how the constitution was designed to protect the few from the many. That the producers of the show should fight for their right to have their point of view presented.

We have all be indoctrinated with this bourgeois notion, seemingly noble, that the minority would be protected from mass sentiment because of the brilliant design of our representative bourgeois "democracy." Nearly all my life I espoused that seemingly noble view, but was never able to come up with one concrete example of how any minority had ever been protected from oppression.

Until that day. It was so clear. Finally I understood and was able to articulate it. "The only minority the constitution is designed to protect is the ruling class. It is the only thing it has ever protected and ever will." My lawyer friend smiled and agreed. He knew at the time, but it took me a little longer to understand. That was my breakthrough from understanding Marxist theory to taking the path of the revolutionary.


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