Sunday, March 21, 2010

San Patricios - The Irishmen Who Died For Mexico

Please share this with others! On this Saint Patrick's Day, we must remember the powerful connection that we as Mexicans have with the brave people of Ireland! Just like we have been victims of colonization and imperialism, so have the Irish. Just how today we are fighting here in Occupied Mexico for the liberation of our homeland, so are the Irish in Ireland! When US Imperialism was attacking us and stealing our land, the brave Irishmen who became known as the San Patricios, stood on the right side of history and joined with us, the oppressed/colonized peoples. Not only did they join our side in principle, they joined us and took up arms with us as comrades! They paid a very heavy price for their decision to join us in the struggle so we must forever remember and recognize their valiance and their actions. We have much to learn from this beautiful example of unity!

Vivan los San Patricios! Viva la solidaridad internacional! Viva Mexico y Irlanda libre!

Ron Gochez
Social Justice Educator/Community Organizer


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