Friday, March 26, 2010

LA Times writes a story on a Marshall Tuck's PLAS school and then pins blame on LAUSD?

Marshall Tuck was a failure at Green Dot and now he is a failure at PLAS!New depths have been plumbed by the voucher-charter happy publication on 1st Street.

In "A lesson about speaking up" Mr. Hector Tobar writes a deservedly critical piece on one of Marshall Tuck, Ryan Smith, and Antonio Villaraigosa's monstrosities and then squarely blames LAUSD without mentioning it's a PLAS school. Mr. Tobar would have been well served looking up even a modicum of information about what he writes about. As a journalistic courtesy, here's your research:

Markham Middle School: The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

Truth is Marshall Tuck was a failure at Green Dot Public [sic] Schools and now he is a failure at PLAS. Why Tuck is allowed near schools just might be the great mystery of this epoch.

What's next, blame public schools and UTLA for Animo Justice's closure? Maybe charter sycophant Steve Lopez can pen a fluff piece blaming CSEA and myself for Animo Film & Theatre Arts' demise? LAUSD gets enough wrong on its own without taking the blame for Villaraigosa and Tuck's epic failures.

Shameful at best Los Angeles Times, but we've come to expect such coverage.

With indescribable astonishment

Robert D. Skeels


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