Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ISO*LA Meeting: Challenging Capitalism's Education Agenda

"A deepened consciousness of their situation leads people to apprehend that situation as an historical reality susceptible to transformation." — Paulo Freire

ISO*LA Meeting: Challenging Capitalism's Education Agenda
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
7:00pm - 8:30pm
United Teachers Los Angeles* (UTLA)
*UTLA is neither a sponsor nor endorser of this event
3303 Wilshire Blvd Room 814
Los Angeles, CA 90010
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Resisting Budget Cuts, School Privatization, and CMO corporate chartersMarch 4 represents a historic step forward in the fight against budget cuts and for fully funded public education. Students and teachers, community members and workers from across the system of public colleges, universities and pre-K-12 schools are now fighting together for all of our futures.

We must fight back against these cuts in the here and now with boldness and determination, but we must also come together to develop long-term strategies to force those in power to fund our schools. Our unions must become social justice organizations, ready and willing to use every weapon in their power to take on our enemies. Our coalitions must lead the way with our vision of authentic school reform and our demand for the resources that will begin to shift the balance in favor of public schools.

We can be under no illusions. From the White House to the State House to LAUSD and beyond, the agenda coming from the top is clear: cut public education to the bone, attack unions that could mount a fight and propose genuine reform, and replace the system with charter schools and private institutions that serve the interests of big corporations, not the public.

Profound inequality is the hallmark of education under capitalism at all times, but especially in times of economic crisis poor and working class youth, and especially students of color, are made to suffer in underfunded schools and are forced to drop out as fees rise beyond their reach. The struggle for excellent, liberatory education for ordinary people around California, the US, and the world requires that we challenge the entire system that guarantees that our children are always the ones who will be left behind in the race for wealth and profit.

Contact: lacityiso@yahoo.com (626)-375-2873

International Socialist Organization * Los Angeles


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