Sunday, March 21, 2010

Money for Schools not for War!

Money for Schools not for War!

Money for Schools not for War! One would think if the Parent Revolution (née Los Angeles Parents Union) was really concerned about children and schools, that they'd be out marching along with us. Recently Gabe Rose, one of LAPU/PR's haughty executives, suggested that there just isn't any money available for public education — to which I replied:

You live in a country that spends billions monthly on overseas military occupations, and has trillions to give out to investment bankers and hedge fund managers. You live in a state where the rich and corporations pay a lower tax rate than the lowest income quintile of tax payers, a state where oil companies don't pay a penny in extraction taxes. Can you honestly say a world where public education is fully funded is a "perfect fantasy world?" If we merely raised the tax rate on upper quintile which includes the CCSA's wealthy backers to the same a the lowest quintile of taxpayers in the state, there would be a bountiful budget surplus.

A real "Parent Revolution" would march against the war and demand that every penny spent on war and occupation be spent on schools and education instead. Since LAPU/PR is an astroturf instead of a grass roots organization, that'll never happen.


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