Saturday, January 04, 2014

My comments on Mike Klonsky's 'Belmont's Blues'

I live within walking distance of Belmont, and Roybal is just a bit further to the east (they're separate schools). Because of Monica Garcia, the proliferation of privately managed charters in this area has caused both of the former to become under-enrolled and have drained their resources. Well financed charters use laptop giveaways and other perquisites to attract higher performing students over to their lucrative operations, leaving our public schools with both less resources, and the harder to educate students. Over the summer our community fought hard to keep Richard Riordan's real estate cum charter school empire from staking out the highly prized parcel across the street from Belmont We succeeded in getting our Neighborhood Council to vote against Alliance, but with their connections, they'll probably still expand and further dismantle our area's public schools.


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