Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LA Parents Need a Seat!

If you saw a person drowning, would you tell him to swim harder?Of course not, but that’s what some policy makers are telling our schools.  Struggling under decreased budgets and increased competition, our public schools are left on their own and threatened with closure. Yet every neighborhood deserves a great school.
*great quote by NPE co-founder, Diane Ravitch.

Please join supporters Jim Bickhart, Bernard Downing and Chiara Tellini, who got us to 20% of our goal and help me represent public school parents at the Network for Public Education (NPE) national conference in Austin, TX. Can you donate $10 today?
Public Education has been hijacked and we are taking it back! Parents, teachers and advocates will gather with national leaders in public education for the first annual conference of the NPE, an advocacy group that fights to protect and strengthen our public schools as a civic value. NPE also endorsed LA School Board member Monica Ratliff, attracting funding and national attention to her critical campaign as well as elevating Los Angeles’s issues in the national discussion about education.

As an active parent, my efforts reach far beyond the schools my children attend. I advocate for our students, teachers and families at the district, state and federal level. At this conference, we will strategize on how to move policy, organize our diverse and sprawling communities, and we will make sure national leaders in the movement to save public education have Los Angeles in mind when they return to their work fighting for our schools.
It’s critical that Los Angeles be represented at this urgent conference. Low cost sponsorship opportunities are available and supporters will be recognized on signage when LA hosts a reception at the conference.  
Please help make this happen! Donate $10 today and forward this email to friends who want to support the fight for public education.

Thank you for your support and help spreading the word,


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