Thursday, January 09, 2014

Meet the new exploitation, the same as the old exploitation

My comments on Michael Staton's "The Degree Is Doomed"

You have to love all the corporate psychobabble like "use the language of innovation theorists and practitioners, being unbundled" that this piece is replete with. It sort of reads like a Tom Vander Ark meets Thomas Friedman at an all-you-can-eat-mescaline-venture-capitalist-buffet.

At the end of all his nonsensical ramblings, the author gets to the meat of the matter. It's not just that he and all these greedy tech companies see a way to get University of Phoenix rich by peddling these so-called "alternate credential solutions," it's also about driving down the prevailing wage for all fields, including those of educated professionals. Hence phrases like "avoids job candidates with advanced software engineering degrees because ... brings with it both higher salary demands and hubris ... candidate is likely to be an expensive, hard-to-work-with diva who will show no loyalty to the company."

Meet the new exploitation, the same as the old exploitation.


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