Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on the veracity of McKinley Parents for Change

"We want to keep McKinley open under new management (Celerity Educational Group)." — Parent Revolution's Gabe Rose posing as McKinley Parents for Change

LAPU-Parent Revolution's foppish millionaire from Benedict Canyon -- the mendacious Ben Austin
The bottom of the McKinley Parents for Change flyer states "You can also call 310 866 2118 to have your questions answered." Considering the certainty and conviction of the bullet points on the flyer by this newly formed, pro-Celerity "parent" group, supposedly wholly unrelated to the well paid professional staffers at the billionaire financed Parent Revolution, I figured my questions and concerns would be promptly addressed.

I left a message with my name and number for McKinley Parents for Change last night, and lo and behold Parent Revolution returned my call this morning. Yuri (not sure if I'm spelling that right, my apologies if I'm not) must not be aware of my years of investigative journalism exposing the insatiable greed of the lucrative charter-voucher industry. The poor woman couldn't answer any of my questions about Celerity's lack of compliance with the Modified Consent Decree or the State Board of Education's proposed regulations on their Corporate Charter Trigger Law, so she said she'd have Gabe Rose call me back to clarify.

She also was very helpful and explained to me that Gabe Rose played a major role in the creation of the flyer (who would have guessed), so he was the best person to explain it. So much for McKinley Parents for Change's claim that they are parents at McKinley Elementary School. I somehow doubt I'll receive that second phone call.

By definition Astroturf.

It's Yuritzy "Yuri" Anaya.


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