Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mayor Villaraigosa, can you be honest for once? Please?

"Soviet style elections" — Ben Austin in response to parents and communities choosing community school plans over corporate charters.

Failure doesn't begin to describe charter sycophant Villaraigosa and PLAS
In response to the Mayor's latest school privatization diatribe in which he lionizes teabagger Michelle Rhee and praises the underhanded tactics of his good friend Ben Austin.

Mayor Villaraigosa:

As of Spring 2010 Green Dot's average API 657, Compton's McKinley 684. Who determines failing schools? Oh yeah, the foppish millionaire from Benedict Canyon (aka CEO of Parent Revolution).

Mayor, we know Eli Broad's money is critical for your political future, but could you please stop the constant dishonesty? The trigger law was leveraged into the State legislature by the biggest enemies of parental and community control there are -- Ben Austin of LAPU/PR and Gloria Romero of DFER. Please Mayor, tell us how much power parents have over the unelected, secretive, private boards of charter-voucher schools?

We also understand that Ben's wife, Tracy Austin of Austin Egoscue Development (whose office is conveniently a block or two from Eli's headquarters) is your primary Fundraising Consultant.


Mayor, your long history of malfeasance and collusion in conjunction with Ben Austin in order to capture market share for your CCSA allies is well documented:


In other words, you're not fooling anyone.

Instead of constantly serving the interests of the well heeled charter-voucher industry, could you just once listen to the community and what we want? We want public schools run by our communities, not privatized schools run by the CMO/EMO plutocrats.


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