Friday, December 03, 2010

Rhee, the Evil Princess of Privatization on Teabagger Transition Team

Right wing reactionary Michelle Rhee is finally working with her own ilk — the racist Teabaggers! Corporate darling Rhee, along with a host of other far right ideologues will work on teabagger-white supremacist favorite Florida Governor-Elect Rick Scott's transition team.

That Rhee was immediately picked to head the education transition team of a teabagger/tea party politician should come as no surprise. Her ability to put the needs of corporations before communities, to call hard working people "special interests," and to make conditions favorable for the get rich quick schemesters in the charter-voucher sector fit right in with the reactionary, market driven, racist teabagging world view.

In this regard so-called edreformers like Michelle Rhee, Ben Austin, Gloria Romero, and Eric Lee hold a ton of common ground with the teabaggers. Check out this piece on David Harmer Tea Party Frontrunner: Abolish Public Schools. No surprise that the teabaggers hold the exact same principles as the hedge fund founded DFER does for education: markets, choice, competition, etc. What is it that Ben Austin always says? "We'll make schools great by forcing them to compete?" Good to know Ben Austin and David Harmer share 18th century values. I thought Harmer was channeling Austin when he said: "In this quintessentially American approach, free people acting in a free market found a variety of ways to pay for a variety of schools serving a variety of students"

Here's the Evil Princess of Privatization's recent appearance on The Steven Colbert Show.

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Ms. Rhee gets one thing partially right. American schools were better during the 1950's, but let's look at some of the "inconvenient truths" the corporate edreform crowd leaves out. What was the state of infrastructure of all the other leading industrial nations Rhee refers to in the 1950's? Hint, there was a world war a few years prior. Here are two more questions to ask smug Harvard graduates and TFA alumni: what was the corporate tax rate during the 1950's? What was the tax percentage on the wealthiest Americans during the Eisenhower administration? Answer those questions, and you come to the only cogent explanation for the decline in public education, which as Dr. Stephen Krashen always puts it: "The Problem is Poverty."



Anonymous said...

Well, classifying Rhee as an "Evil Princess" shows yourself to be sexist. Great job! Let's call any powerful woman whom we disagree with a princess, or an evil queen, or a witch or a bitch. Betcha wouldn't call Alan Keyes a racist term, wouldja?

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Not sure how you derived such a leap of logic, but I don't attack Rhee because she is a powerful (your formulation, as any "power" she has is due to the fact that she's backed by ruling class money). I attack her because she is a reactionary right winger bent on destroying the last of the public commons on behalf of the vile plutocrats. If you can somehow arrive at a conclusion that that's sexist, then you have a very unique definition of sexism.

As for the reactionary extremist Mr. Keyes, I'll coin a pejorative nickname for him right now -- a King of Self-Colonization.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Rhee is a favorite among teabaggers and other disciples of Ayn Rand. Rhee collaborates with, and has even worked on the transition teams of the most reactionary right-wing Governors from Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. All of the ideas Rhee champions have come straight out of the most vile right wing think tanks including Hoover, Hudson, Cato, AEI, Heritage, Heartland, Manhattan, etc.

I'd be curious as to why anyone outside of the deplorable reactionaries mentioned above would support Rhee in any fashion. After all, supporting her is tantamount to supporting the fringe right, whose end goal is not only the destruction of the public commons, but the privatization of our entire education system.

Anonymous said...

Did @Anonymous equate "Evil Princess" with all those other phrases they coined? Really?

Looks more like you're telling on your self there tiger.