Friday, July 24, 2009

The Truth about Corporate CMO Charter Schools Claiming Non-Profit Status

Steve Leigh of Seattle looks at the truth behind non-profits in The non-profit scam. This illuminates how corporate CMO charter schools like Green Dot can pay their well heeled executives astronomical sums and their employees chicken scratch. Steve Barr, Marco Petruzzi, and Ben Austin are living large on our backs by taking our tax dollars, and then exploiting their employees hard labor!

More nefarious still is EMO/CMO/corporate charters receive massive additional funding from privatizers with political agendas. The Waltons, Gates, Broads, and other right wing ideologues recognizing charters as a way to eliminate affirmative action, crush unions, and to advance their voucher ideas provide huge grants to charter operators like Green Dot. These very special interests expect a return on their investments.

Here's another great piece on nefarious nonprofits: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex. Love this:

Allow corporations to mask their exploitative and colonial work practices through "philanthropic" work;

Sound like Steve Barr and Marco Petruzzi's front group Parent Revolution (née LAPU) headed by Ben Austin with Broad, Gates, and the LA Chamber of Commerce backing them to the tune of millions? A little lesson for Gabe Rose, Ben Austin's protégé. Like the INCITE! website says, "the revolution will not be funded."[1] A big shout out to Green Dot's Shirley Rose for providing me with the names of her fellow staff members over the phone.

[1] The Revolution Will Not Be Funded


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