Thursday, July 09, 2009

Is Green Dot's Ben Austin projecting when he discusses pedophiles?

Let's keep the PUBLIC in public schools!
Once again, highly paid Green Dot/Parent Revolution (née LAPU) executive Ben Austin is trying to perpetuate outrageous lies, vicious rumors, and unproven allegations about the hardworking teachers of UTLA. Witness his latest disgusting outburst at the July 1, 2009 LAUSD board meeting:

"We can't take it anymore," declared Ben Austin, executive director of Parent Revolution, "when we read in the L.A. Times about child molesters -- child molesters! -- being put back in the classroom to teach our kids." [1]

Proof forthcoming Ben Austin? Again, aside from unproven allegations mentioned a while back in an LA Times piece, there isn't anything other than Green Dot's Ben Austin repeating the accusations time and time again.

One explanation is the Beverly Hills Barrister is borrowing a play from reactionaries even further to the right than he is. That play is to repeat a falsehood for so long that it begins to resonate with people, despite the fact it is an all out lie (like those used to start the Iraq occupation). The other is that Mr. Ben Austin of Parent Counter Revolution may be projecting (in the Freudian sense) when he prattles endlessly about child molesters. One thing is for sure, since the Stanford University's Center for Research on Education Outcomes report on charters came out, Steve Barr, Marco Petruzzi, Ben Austin, Yolie Flores Aguilar, and Monica Garcia have had to work overtime justifying their CHARTER CASH COWS.

Not surprisingly, only business magazines use terms like "parent advocate" when discussing Ben Austin. If Austin or any of his rich boys network were really parent advocates, then where were they when the community was engaged in struggle against the budget cuts? Green Dot's Ben Austin was almost certainly lounging at home in his gated Beverly Hills community while we supported the parent campers at John Liechty Middle School and Miguel Contreras Learning Complex. While LAPU's Ben Austin enjoyed lavish luncheons with ever the opportunist Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, we supported the hunger strikers and parents in front of Cortines office. While Ben Austin was endorsing fat checks from William Gates and Eli Broad, we were raising funds for Aurora Ponce. A "parent advocate" and "revolutionary" indeed. If there is a more disingenuous person in Los Angeles than Mr. Austin, I'd love to know.



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