Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Emerson Middle School Outperforms Five Green Dot Corporate Schools!

Support Parents and UTLA against LAUSD and Green Dot's corporate charter cash cowsWhy would anyone want to transform Emerson to an unaccountable corporate CMO charter when five of Green Dot’s schools have APIs far below Emerson's 701:

Animo Jackie Robinson 597
Animo Justice 569
Animo Ralph Bunche 636
Animo Watts 614
Animo Locke 2 652


NO to Ben Austin's hostile takeovers!



Carrie Jacobson said...

The Parent Revolutions agenda is the same as the failing Act4Ed group. They do not wish for their kids to attend school with those that are bussed to Emerson. I hear it in their comments when they attend a play "At least we didn't have to sit with those children" (Warner parent referring to the Westwood Charter kids.) I hear it when they stop in the office asking if it's true that busing to Emerson has stopped.

They think that the kids bussed in from La Cienega/Pico area are sub par and in gangs. Utter nonsense.

Emerson's test scores are on the rise, yes - beating out most of Green Dots and others - and that's what these groups judge by, they say. HOWEVER -
Palms test scores equal Paul Revere's, but Palms is primarily black and brown. It is a viable option, but they still choose the significantly white school of Paul Revere.

They are xenophobes - afraid of diversity and the knowledge that comes from being familiar with all walks of life.

Privatization = Segregation (Levin 2009); Charter = Segregation (since charters can pick and choose and/or use a lottery system, whereas regular public schools must take everyone).

White flight is alive and well on the Westside!

Michele Levin said...

Exactly Carrie. Our scores could be in the 800s. We'd still be a failing school because all of a sudden the issue wouldn't be test scores but this or that. If parents want a principal, teachers and staff who put their children above everyone else's, then they need to give a ton of money to a private school and enroll there. Public education is for ALL kids.