Monday, August 22, 2005

Right Wing Extremist Cleric Advocates Assassinating Chavez

Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuela's president. Amidst a string of lies about the State Department funded coup attempt and the classic corporate media's characterization of democratically elected President Hugo Chavez as a "strong-arm dictator," reactionary Pat Robertson joined the ranks of "violent extremists." The 700 Club and Christian Coalition of America founder unapologetically called for the outright assassination of the popular Venezuelan president, who has been elected by a majority of popular vote several times in succession. The reforms in place by President Chavez have done much to alleviate the abject poverty of the Venezuelan people. From food subsidies to medical clinics, the Bolivarian reforms had been a welcome relief from the brutal Washington Consensus (neoliberalism) of the years before Chavez's election.

As the U.S. has increased its overt and covert hostility towards Chavez and the people of Venezuela, he has increasingly taken a more defensive posture. Recognizing the imperialist nature of U.S. foreign policy Chavez has begun modernizing the Venezuelan military and forming alliances with other nations. Recently as State Department saber rattling has increased, Chavez has stated that he will consider cutting off oil to the U.S. This has the U.S. ruling class in a frenzy and Robertson's calls for state sanctioned murder come as part of a conscience campaign to prepare the way towards more overt action towards the sovereign nation of Venezuela. Any claims of Robertson respecting rights to life or being against extremism can be put to bed with this. The monstrous call for assassination by Pat Robertson can only be seen as real terrorism.

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