Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bush Administration Renews Offensive Against Title IX

Save Title IXBush has stated his disdain for Title IX on various occasions and even mentioned changing the law which has been in place since 1972. Women's groups and concerned parents forced the administration to reconsider drastic changes in 2003 to satisfy Bush's stated position of being "opposed [to] quotas or strict proportionality." A recent Department of Education Title IX policy under the guise of a clarification now threatens the very foundation of Title IX.

The Bush administration's new policy allows schools to skirt previous requirements of gauging interest in programs through serious research by merely sending out a mass email survey. School can then take non-replies as a lack of interest and not have to commit to "equal" funding. As the Save Title IX site says: "Given the notoriously low response rates to surveys in general and this era of excessive e-mail spam, the Department's new policy undermines the law and its intent to provide more opportunities for women and girls."

Title IX, while still not providing real equality, has been a major factor in advancing academic, athletic, and other opportunities for women over the past thirty years. As Ralph Nader wrote once: "The law gave women access to classes, facilities and opportunities that had historically been male-only." Decades of Title IX opportunities have produced myriad advances for women in various fields and even created conditions for professional women's sports leagues like the WNBA. The current attack on Title IX is part of a broad attack on women in general by the Bush administration. From reproductive rights to educational opportunities, it is time for a movement that fights back unapologetically against Bush's misogynistic policies!

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