Friday, August 05, 2005

Remembering in silence. Only one country has ever used WMDs.

This weekend is a solemn one. It is the anniversary of when the U.S. ruling class callously decided to frighten their rivals by employing the most terrible weapons of mass destruction known at the time against hundreds of thousands of innocent and helpless Japanese civilians. The fortunate ones died instantly in the fires of capitalism's wrath. The less fortunate died miserably in the throes of radiation sickness. The tired old song about saving countless lives has been long exposed for what it is, and it is high time the working class take a hard look at the greatest crime ever committed against humanity.

The Hiroshima Cover-Up
Noam Chomsky: Revisiting Hiroshima
Hiroshima And Nagasaki: Worst Terror Attacks In History

Having been to that country, and having friends from there, I would attend the memorial at the Japanese American National Museum this weekend. Unfortunately I have to be in Campo CA at the border fighting against another set of disgusting racists--the Minutemen.


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