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Trinational to protest student murders in Guerrero on October 8th

Trinational to protest student murders in Guerrero on October 8th

The Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public Education protest of student murders in Guerrero
Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 4:00pm
Mexican Consulate
2401 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

There will be nationwide protest in Mexico about the murders and disappearance of the normalistas (students at teacher training college) in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, this Wednesday, October 8th starting at 4:00 pm Mexico City time. In Mexico, most protesters will be wearing black. The US section of the Trinational is asking that you protest at the nearest Mexican consulate or interest section to where you live. In Los Angeles, we will go to the consulate around 4:00pm. The address is: 2401 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, 90057. It’s right across from McArthur Park and the cross street is Parkview. It can be reached by the red and purple metro lines.

I’m attaching a fact sheet and a copy of the letter that the Trinational(all 3 countries) is sending which you can use as a rubric for a letter that you, your organization or union can send. The teachers unions in Ontario and British Columbia are sending letters and 3 officers from CTU have signed the Trinational letter. You can also go to the Trinational Coalition to Defend Public Education USA group for more in formation from Mexico; mostly in Spanish, some in English. Also Al Jazeera and TeleSur in english as well.

Here are the demands that are being used in Mexico:

  1. Presentación con vida de los 43 estudiantes normalistas desaparecidos.
  2. Destitución y castigo al gobernador de Guerrero Angel Aguirre y al presidente municipal de Iguala, José Luis Abarca Velázquez por su responsabilidad en el asesinato y desaparición de los estudiantes normalistas.
  3. Condenamos la  complicidad y tolerancia del gobierno de Enrique Peña Nieto con los grupos paramilitares que actúan impunemente asesinando luchadores sociales.
  4. Alto a la represión al magisterio democrático y al pueblo de México. Libertad a los presos políticos.
  5. Vivos se lo llevaron, vivos los queremos.

Rough translation:

  1. Return the 43 Normal students alive
  2. Remove and punish Angel Aguirre, the Governor of Gurrero, and Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez, the municipal president of Iguala, for their responsibility in the murder and disappearance of the normalista students
  3. We condemn the complicity and tolerance of the Enrique Peña Nieto government with the paramilitary groups that murdered the social activists with impunity
  4. Stop the repression of democratic teachers and the Mexican people. Free the political prisoners.
  5. They were taken alive, we want them alive! OR They were taken alive, we want them back alive!

It still has not been officially proven that the disappeared students are dead, so the demand is to return them alive.

In solidarity,

Accion Urgente Estudiantes Mexico Trinational to protest student murders in Guerrero on October 8th by Robert D. Skeels

UPDATE: There's a petition now.


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