Monday, October 27, 2014

Los Angeles Administrators endorse educator Tom Torlakson, expose list of banker Marshall Tuck's funders

"Torlakson stresses, “Sometimes I’ll agree with the union and sometimes I won’t, but I’ll always agree with the kids and always agree with teachers on the front line.” And he takes every opportunity to emphasize that he has had actual classroom experiences that Tuck cannot claim and has always been a staunch supporter of administrators." — Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA)

Associated Administrators of Los Angeles From the October 27, 2014 issue of Update

Tom Torlakson, AALA-endorsed candidate for California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, will fight to increase education funding, fight to restore funding for science, social studies, art, music, drama and sports and fight to reduce class size. Many of you can vote now, and are urged to do so. Don’t wait until Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

  • Support Tom Torlakson by taking these actions now!
  • Vote now, if you received an absentee ballot.

Contact five (5) friends/colleagues and urge them to vote for teacher educator, Torlakson.

Be aware that antiunion and antipension Enron billionaire John Arnold has given $300K to support Torlakson’s opponent, Marshall Tuck. Another $500K has come from Carrie Walton Penner, whose family makes its fortune running antiunion, low-wage-paying Walmart. Let’s stop the one percent ultra wealthy oligarchs from controlling public education!

From the October 20, 2014 issue of Update

On Thursday, October 10, 2014, AALA PAC Steering Committee recommended, and AALA Representative Assembly voted unanimously to endorse Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The two candidates, incumbent Tom Torlakson and his opponent, Marshall Tuck, were both interviewed by the PAC Steering Committee. The PAC Council vote authorizes AALA to endorse and financially support its selection. Torlakson and Tuck have very different views on the condition of K-12 education in California, as explained in last week’s Update (October 13, 2014).

Slick ads and catchy messages can’t mask the fact that Marshall Tuck has received $300K from John Arnold of Enron whose mission is to end public pensions around the country. Additionally, Tuck’s campaign has received over one million dollars from local Republican Bill Bloomfield who had confronted and run against Henry Waxman who has never shied away from taking on the powerful and wealthy in the interest of democracy. Other donors to Tuck’s campaign include billionaires Eli Broad, Carrie Walton Penner and Laurene Powell Jobs.

This election on November 4, 2014, is extremely important to public education in California. AALA urges our members and colleagues to support Tom Torlakson.


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