Saturday, June 07, 2014

K12NN: Markham MS Community to Protest PLAS Policies started under Marshall Tuck

First published on K-12 News Network on May 20, 2014

Marshall Tuck’s Legacy of Bigotry and FailureFormer PLAS CEO Marshall Tuck's school-to-prison-pipeline legacy for children of color lives on in the policies he established at Markham Middle School. However, the community is tired and fighting back!

African-American and Latino parents/students to unite with Community groups and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) to speak out against discriminatory practices against African-American students, parents, and stakeholders at local middle school. Their primary message to the school principal, the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS) and to the Los Angeles Unified School District will be “Stop pushing us out!”

The administration at Markham Middle School and the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools has been pushing out African-American students. These students are sent home on silent and unreported suspensions, and are asked to remain at home for the remainder of the school year without any access to an education. African-Americans are being deprived of their fundamental right to an education.

Markham PLAS Protest Marshall Tuck Policies Press Conference Flyer by Robert D. Skeels

Please visit the original article on K-12 News Network for a photo album of the the protest.


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