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@ THE CHALK FACE: Dr. Krashen’s Solutions Work! Preempt “summer learning loss” by addressing poverty, and ensuring access to books!

First published on @ THE CHALK FACE on June 6, 2014

Providing more access to interesting reading material by investing in public libraries and librarians is an excellent way to deal with summer learning loss. — Dr. Stephen D. Krashen

Let's talk about serendipity. This morning at teacher sent me a Haertel paper on the unreliability of Value Added Measures, and I saw a figure in the paper on "summer learning loss" that started me working on an infographic. After creating the graphic and the corresponding tweet, I noticed that Dr. Paul Thomas had tweeted a new post by Professor Krashen on essentially the same topic entitled: Arne Duncan suggests year-round school as a solution to the summer slide. I disagree. It may well be that it was pure chance, but it's probably because school (at least LAUSD) was wrapping up this week.

Krashen's Solutions Work!

Professor Stephen Krashen and colleagues have repeatedly proven that both access to books, and ameliorating the effects of poverty are critical in addressing so-called achievement gaps. Neoliberal corporate education reform's wrongheaded assertion that we need to lengthen the school year ignores these indisputable facts, as emphatically illustrated by differences in the table (Haertel 17) above:

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