Monday, February 03, 2014

Schools Los Angeles Students Deserve General Assembly Update

We had a fantastic speak out at December's General Assembly with energetic conversations and actions.  Thanks to all of you who came out and brought people from your school, neighborhood, or organization!   The speak out addressed the 5 major areas that have come up over and over again at our General Assemblies and Community forums:
1.       Criminalization, punishment culture and push out in schools 
2.        Lack of Nurses/health services for youth through schools
3.        Limited College Counselors for students
4.       Narrow curriculum because of an over-emphasis on standardized testing - lack of electives (arts music, ethnic studies, etc.)
5.       School destabilizations like reconstitutions that force an end to critical programs or push out veteran staff, especially African-American staff
There were other important issues that people spoke out about as well, including health concerns like insects and custodial cutbacks, lack of access to libraries, and lack of real spaces for students, parents, teachers and community to force decision-making power and control. This speak out was a powerful way for people to hear about issues at schools across different part of our huge city!  Participants also got to learn more about transformative justice and the rights of students with disabilities in a mini-workshop after the speak out.

Early in March we will hold our next General Assembly.


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