Friday, February 28, 2014

On February 28, 1994 I became a member of a fellowship that would transform my life...

Everything comes full circle

On February 28, 1994 I became a member of a fellowship that would, one day at a time, transform my life via a spiritual plan of action. Everything good in my life today is a direct result of my involvement with that community. Ironically, I was introduced to that fellowship’s basic text at a meeting held at Ackerman Union at UCLA earlier that winter. I returned to UCLA in Fall Quarter 2013 (eighteen-some-odd years later). I am graduating this quarter, making this the 20th anniversary of when I joined the fellowship, and the 19th of when I was ignominiously forced out of school by the job I held at the time.

Commemorating twenty years in the fellowship, and finishing my degree after a nineteen year hiatus is quite exciting. As a Classical Civilization major I like to joke that I timed both events to correspond with 2014 — the year marking the anniversary of the death of Divus Augustus — in order to impress UCLA’s Professor Mellor.

While today is certainly cause for celebration, that must wait since there are more pressing things at hand. May Athene Amboulia guide me through my Classics 152A paper this weekend, and assist my efforts in this — my final quarter at UCLA.


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