Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recolonizing Our Classrooms: The Race and Class Hypocrisy of Corporate Education Reform

Unequal by Design: Schooling the Poor and Students of Color 
in Today's Public Schools and Universities

November 20, 2013

3 – 5pm: Faculty & Grad Student Panel
Academic Senate Chambers

Panel of Faculty, Students, and Activists Speak on
"The Privatization of Public Higher Education"

6pm - 8pm: Campus–Wide Forum & Keynote
Titan Student Union

Student Performances

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Wayne Au, Assistant Professor at 
University of Washington, Bothell 

"Recolonizing Our Classrooms: 
The Race and Class Hypocrisy of Corporate Education Reform"

Wayne Au is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Bothell and an editor for the social justice education magazine, Rethinking Schools. A former public high school history and language arts teacher, Au's work focuses broadly on teaching for social justice, multicultural education, and critical education theory. Most recently his work has focused on the race and class implications of high-stakes testing and other aspects of corporate education reform.

Co-Organized by: Researchers and Critical Educators (RACE) and the Los Angeles Regional Network (LA-RN) 
of the California Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education (CA-NAME)

Sponsoring Organizations: 
Chicana & Chicano Resource Center (CRC), College of Education (COE), Reading Department, Department of Secondary Education, Department of Special Education, Elementary & Bilingual Education Department, Educational Leadership Department

More information:  www.CaliforniaNAME.org


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