Saturday, November 30, 2013

Matthew Kogan, Jeff Pott & Anne Zerrien-Lee: The best team to serve you as UTLA North Area Chair and Directors!

Matthew Kogan, Jeff Pott & Anne Zerrien-Lee The best team to serve you as UTLA North Area Chair and Directo... by Robert D. Skeels

We are three independent voices for constructive change who share a common vision of inclusiveness and union solidarity. We are not beholden to any faction; we know that the only way to make our union strong is to respect our diverse membership and work together with everyone for the common good.

We ask to serve you because we want to work to strengthen our union’s collective ability to champion members’ rights and stand up for public education. It’s time to turn away from destructive internal factionalism and focus on what really matters. We can’t do this alone. We need your help. If you entrust us with your vote, we pledge to work with all of our union brothers and sisters to:

  • Build union solidarity and recruit chapter chairs for all North Area schools.
  • Defend and empower all members and all schools, raise pay and boost morale.
  • Protect your contract rights and benefits from all threats.
  • Fully staff schools, reduce class size and secure full funding for Arts, Health and Human Services, Libraries, Adult Education, SRLDP, Bilingual Education, Field Trips, and more.
  • Make sure teachers get the subs they request, and subs get called when requested.
  • Eliminate excessive high-stakes standardized testing and test prep.
  • Return Breakfast to cafeterias and halt the theft of instructional time.
  • Make schools safer and healthier for us and for students.
  • Hold elected officials accountable for votes that harm our members.
  • Strengthen organizing ties with families, school communities, and other unions.


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