Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ethnic Cleansing Illustrated: The Echo Parque Gang Injunction. Join the resistance!

Ethnic Cleansing Illustrated: The Echo Parque Gang Injunction

The rapid gentrification of Echo Parque and its surrounds just can’t happen fast enough for development firms like Van Daele Homes and others waiting to profit from the Glendale Boulevard Corridor Project. Standing in their way are low income households with children—predominantly families of color and indigenous peoples.

On the right is an overlay of the proposed gang injunction over the area income map. Neighborhoods that poor families of color have lived in for decades, and in some cases generations, are targeted. This damning visual evidence confirms the project as being what can only be termed ethnic cleansing. Both the former and current Los Angeles City Attorneys received donations from developers with stakes in the Glendale Boulevard Corridor.

Join the the resistance:

“Gentrification is Genocide!” — 2008 Graffiti on the Patras’ parking lot wall


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