Sunday, July 07, 2013

Darn it! #LAUSD Superintendent @DrDeasyLAUSD threatens to resign if Vladovic becomes Board Prez, then welches

The above tweet is from a good friend who is an author, educator, and dedicated activist.

It would be best for everyone if Deasy, Aquino, Hill, and all the other graduates of Eli Broad's various "academies" resigned and left the district to those that would put pupils before profits.

From Supt. John Deasy faces rocky relationship with new LAUSD president

"A coalition of civic leaders and philanthropists consider Deasy, a national figure, crucial to rapid, continued progress in L.A. Unified."

What this really means is that NPIC millionaires like United Way Greater Los Angeles' Elise Buik's gravy train depends highly on Eli Broad and and his fellow plutocrats's money to support their organizations, so they gladly voice support for anyone they're told to. The fund-to-advocate paradigm in the NPIC world is really the only reason for Deasy's continued existence at LAUSD, working class people despise him, but the corporate media only interview NPIC executives. Elise Buik, Rene Rodman, and Kate Anderson are wealthy white women with no connection to grassroots parent and community organizations.


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