Friday, June 03, 2011

Vik Chaubey: Comments on Avaricious Andre Agassi's Charter Ponzi Scheme

"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." — Warren E. Buffett (Plutocrat)

Profit has been and always will be the paramount reason for corporate charter-voucher schools — even for those hiding beyond the guise of 501C3 non-profit tax status.Profit has been and always will be the paramount reason for corporate charter-voucher schools — even for those hiding beyond the guise of 501C3 "non-profit" tax status. The bevy of lucrative ways for charter executives, investors, and board members to enrich themselves further at the trough of public tax money is their raison d'être so to speak. Charter swine can squeal all they want about it being "for the kids," but articles like Former tennis star Andre Agassi teams with L.A. bankers to finance charter school construction remind us that it's all about the profit. The insatiable greed of these charter charlatans exceeds all imagination, and should strike fear into anyone concerned that public education is about to become a legend of a bygone era.

Today social justice educator Jose Lara posted the above Los Angeles Times link on his facebook profile, which drew a lot of commentary. Those by activist Vik Chaubey struck me as so interesting and compelling, that I obtained his permission to reprint them here for a wider audience. — rds

Vik Chaubey: Comments on "Former tennis star Andre Agassi teams with L.A. bankers to finance charter school construction"

Very good post this is stuff I have discussed on facebook a lot charter schools a big business this is taking place all over the country in New York city, Washington D.C. and Chicago. I am familiar with New York city a lot because I went school there as a kid from first grade to 9th grade.

Villaraigosa talks to mayors from NYC and Chicago every week. New kind of urban machines are created big business, non-profits and public unions. Gentrification is the key principle behind charter schools all over the country and gentrification is key to urban policy in US. In the LAUSD District 5 race recently in Los Angeles we saw this play out with Sanchez supported by the Los Angeles Times, Vilaraigosa, money hot shots in LA, public unions, non-profits, latino political operatives, supporters of gentrification and people who push charter schools. They spent 3.3 million on Sanchez he lost the race to Bennett Kayser the candidate that had community support, grass roots support and UTLA support.

I obtained documents on the supporters of Sanchez, yeah billionaires and money makers, public unions and non-profits. Non-profits such as Inner City Struggle who have sold out just want power and charter schools are their game so many people on facebook have no understanding of how dishonest Inner City Struggle is I guess this is Inner City Struggle alliance with billionaires and gentrification? A total fraud. I obtained information on how Sanchez got his money. I mean LAUSD District 5 just think of it represents Maywood, Southeast Los Angeles cities, Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, Northeast Los Angeles to Loz Feliz. We are talking mainly low income areas and some of the poorest areas in Los Angeles like Maywood and Boyle Heights spending 3.3 million to win a LAUSD race? I mean the candidate that won was outspent by at least 3 to 1 but had support of community activists like Carlos Montes [1] and others.

Villaraigosa is the key to everything in this you would not see billionaires, public unions, non-profits and supporters of gentrification together. The good thing is they lost due to a real good grass roots campaign by Kayser and his supporters. But you will never hear about this in Los Angeles media I talk to one of my friends that was part of this campaign I had encouraged him to get involved and challenge this charter school/gentrification alliance. The stuff with Andre Agassi is tip of the iceberg the money machine and gentrification alliance is growing all over the country. I mean in NYC they want to close down 22 low income schools so money makers can build charter schools. These are issues I have been looking at since 2007 when I ran into Inner City Struggle in Boyle Heights when I was organizing in Boyle Heights around anti-gentrification that is when I found about this.

People should pay attention to this simply amazing 3.3 million in a district that is one of the poorest districts for LAUSD? Why is this happening well the article tells you why this is about power and privilege. Villaraigosa has a education machine and they are good at exploiting first generation immigrants who do not have the info what they are all about they use non-profits and public unions to do this. Boyle Heights is ground zero on this stuff this is where you see the education gentrification alliance big time. I mean they just built a charter school in East Los Angeles. Torres High School with basically the same alliance that supported Sanchez meaning money makers, non-profits, public unions, and supporters of gentrification/charter schools. People need to pay attention at what is taking place.

[1] {note from rds} longtime immigrant rights and public education activist Carlos Montes was recently victimized and arrested by the FBI's repressive COINTELPRO. Please visit this article and see how you can help.



Anonymous said...

Never forget Andre Agassis's remark that he was "as happy as a faggot in a submarine..." after a big win. Yeah this is a guy we need involved in education.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

That gives us yet one more reason not to like Mr. Agassi.