Thursday, June 02, 2011

LAUSD's Nury Martinez Slanderously calls an Echo Park Mother a Racist

Ms. Martinez's response to this parent's impassioned speech is so despicable and deplorable, that I will need time to calm down and write an article speaking truth to her corporate power and vicious vindictiveness. To call this mother, who embodies multiculturalism, inclusiveness, and community, a racist goes far beyond the pale. In fact Ms. Martinez should seriously consider stepping down from her position. Unconscionable, but the LAUSD Board Members serving the privatizers and corporate charters have no scruples whatsoever. While the video shows Ms. Martinez tried to backtrack from her initial vicious slanderous attack, it's clear what she said and what her intentions were. Deasy and company want our communities' voices silenced and want us to accept the imposition of privatized schools without any dissent.

I'm a founding member of the Southern California Immigration Coalition, I've stood on the border in Campo California against vile Minutemen, Klansman, Birchers, and other assorted white supremacists. I've dedicated a good portion of my life defending undocumented peoples from racism, xenophobia, and nativism. To hear Ms. Martinez accuse one of our community members, whose dedication to all the people in our diverse community is second to none, of racism breaks my heart and sickens me beyond belief. Look for an article by me on this horrendous incident soon.

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