Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mayor Villaraigosa's "Stars (M)Aligned" Education [sic] Speech

My longtime compañero the incomparable activist José del Barrio asked me to share and post to the blog. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa outlines plans for ramping up education 'reform' in Los Angeles Unified School District during his "State of the City" address. He refers to new superintendent John Deasy as LAPD's "Bill Bratton with a ruler." Location: Jefferson High School in South Los Angeles. Student drummers play at the start of the video. Date: April 13, 2011

My take: the Mendacious Mayor (aka Mayor Failure) Villaraigosa is speaking to "his" constituents in this speech: Eli Broad, Philip Anshutz, Judy Burton, Marco Petruzzi, Ana Ponce, Ricardo Mireles, Jed Wallace, Vielka McFarlane, and all the other corporate charter luminaries. Mayor Failure even gives a big shout out to the foppish millionaire of Benedict Canyon, when he gushes about Ben Austin's corporate charter trigger.

[click here if you can't view this video]


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