Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Five Factual Articles on Corporate Candidate Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez...paid for by the Coalition for School Reform. Major funding by Jerry Perenchio and Reed Hastings. — From the website of the corporate and plutocrat funded Coalition for School Reform

It doesn't take much to realize that Villaraigosa's Luiz Sanchez, whose backers and politics are identical to Flores, will treat our community with the same arrogant disdain.
Here are some great quotes on Sanchez. First, from a community activist and educator in District 5:

Luis Sanchez candidate for LAUSD school board has accepted over half million from GOP Bush supporters. One of them is billionaire Phil Anschutz who has also supported anti-gay and lesbian measures (Colorado's Amendment 2), the FreedomWorks foundation that organizes the Tea Party and anti-immigration campaigns, the Discovery institute which promotes teaching creationism instead of science and other regressive efforts

Next, from none other than the Los Angeles Times, who in fact, endorse Sanchez:

"Luis Sanchez...worked the room at a posh Beverly Hills condo...The nearly 50 guests drank Au Bon Climat chardonnay and Piper Sonoma sparkling wine as Sanchez's backers, including school board President Monica Garcia and charter school leaders, lauded him..." — Los Angeles Times

Let's all remember that just when you think corporate LAUSD hopeful Luis Sanchez couldn't be more scandalous or unscrupulous, he surprises with ever more deplorable acts of ignominy. Here are FIVE articles explaining why LAUSD District 5 voters should REJECT the unethical and unprincipled corporate candidate Luiz Sanchez.



Anonymous said...

And let's also remember that Luis Sanchez has been endorsed by:

LA County Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO)
LA School Police Association
SEIU 721

Perhaps he's not quite as evil as you try to make him out to be.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Considering who funds him and who he serves, Mr. Sanchez is actually far more evil than I "try" to make him out to be.

You list two of Andy Stern's company unions and others. An appropriate response would be too long for these purposes. Such a response would naturally have to discuss yellow unionism, the role of the Democratic party as servants of capital, the funding sources for Villaraigosa, and so forth. Since I'm under deadline for other articles, the above pro-privatization comments and response weren't priority.

Luis Sanchez is a servant of reaction and is funded by some of the vilest and most deplorable plutocrats around. Since the LAUSD Board of Trustees is already stacked six to one in favor of the lucrative charter-voucher industry, and school privatization in general, opposing the like-minded Sanchez at any cost is of paramount importance. The funny thing is that Sanchez openly supports the very same racists that immigrant rights activist like myself actively struggle against.

I personally saw what Sanchez and his wife did to Garfield HS on behalf of Yolie Flores when we were defending the school from hostile take over by Green Dot Corporation. The fact that he's gotten some endorsements by Villaraigosa's political allies means little to me or any social justice activist.

I tried to contact Sanchez and ICS several times when they were unethically using ICS to phonebank for his campaign. I tried to give them a chance to explain. They didn't have the courtesy to return my calls of emails. Transparency and honesty are foreign words to this man who is bought and paid for by Jed Wallace. Imagine a man with so little scruples on the LAUSD board.

You got your snide and dishonest comments supporting that repugnant poverty pimp and privatization pusher published here. When your corporate candidate wins and continues Flores-Aguilar's wholesale privatization of LAUSD, you can gloat that you browbeat someone who supported public schools into publishing your pro-Sanchez/pro-charter comments on a social justice site.

Shameful. A note to you and all the other charter-voucher supporters.

Privatization is not a solution to poverty.