Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phillip Anschutz and Mayor Villaraigosa's corporate candidate Luiz Sanchez cheating again?

"Luis Sanchez...worked the room at a posh Beverly Hills condo...The nearly 50 guests drank Au Bon Climat chardonnay and Piper Sonoma sparkling wine as Sanchez's backers, including school board President Monica Garcia and charter school leaders, lauded him..." — Los Angeles Times

It doesn't take much to realize that Villaraigosa's Luiz Sanchez, whose backers and politics are identical to Flores, will treat our community with the same arrogant disdain.
Just how perfidious is Luiz Sanchez the corporate charter candidate for the District #5 seat of the LAUSD board? Well, on top of every other scandal the vile Yolie Flores clone has perpetrated, he has now been exposed for illegal fund-raising!

This astonishing news of malfeasance first appeared in a Bennett Kayser press release published on the popular 4LAKIDS blog.


What is most inscrutable about Sanchez's latest ethics violation is that he doesn't seem to feel that there is any scandalous behavior too below him, since he has the backing of Mayor Villaraigosa and the plutocrat funded Coalition for School Reform.

A great quote from the Kayser press release sums up Sanchez's relation to the powerful and wealthy right wing interests who back him:

"Sanchez and his Wall Street supporters have already spent over $1 million to capture this seat," declared Kayser, "and for that they could not achieve a majority of a low turnout election."

This is the very same Sanchez that used his and his wife's 501C3 ICS to phonebank for his campaign, documented here:

ICS phonebanking for Luis Sanchez? Conflict of interest much?

This is also the same Sanchez that wouldn't support the Echo Parque community's right to self determination since he knew his political mentor, the corporate minded Yolie Flores, had already struck a deal with her wealthy friend Ana Ponce to turn the school over to CNCA.

Indeed, this is the same Sanchez paid for by Phillip Anschutz, a reactionary so far to the extreme right that his very name brings up visions of Mussolini and Franco. Anschutz dumped at least $100,000 into the corporate Coalition for School Reform &mdash a slush fund to elect privatization friendly school board candidates including Luiz Sanchez for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). In addition to supporting free market "solutions" for education advocates like Sanchez, Anschutz also supports like-minded organizations including the Manhattan Institute, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Hoover Institution, and the American Enterprise Institute.

Community activists are relieved to hear that the Kayser campaign reported these latest violations by Luiz Sanchez to the City Ethics Commission. The Commission was also informed of the Sanchez campaign using Inner City Struggle's resources to phonebank. Sadly, gross violations of ethics like these are typically swept under the rug by the supposed watch-dog arm of the City. When earstwhile city employee and Parent Revolution moonlighter Ben Austin was exposed for using his city position to lobby for charter-voucher school market share, word is that a single phone call from the Mayor nixed any serious investigation into Austin's case (# 2010-36).

It doesn't take much to realize that Villaraigosa's Luiz Sanchez, whose backers and politics are identical to Flores, will treat our community with the same arrogant disdain.


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