Friday, March 11, 2011

Jed Wallace hates communities and democracy. He demands LAUSD privatize CRES #14

"Jed's predecessor, Caprice Young, made over $250,000 for her work at the CCSA. Check out the cast of characters on CCSA's board of directors. Until recently, a Broad COO, Kevin Hall, and Kevin Johnson served on the groups board as well." — Kenneth Libby (Schools Matter)

Any surprise that the CCSA's Jed Wallace, like everyone in the charter-voucher industry, is a liar, cheat and thief?
Anthea Raymond's Community Team Gets Thumbs Up from Schools Chief to Run New Middle School discusses how Superintendent Cortines recommended CRES #14 become a public school run by the Local District 4/Echo Park Community Partners. In the article she quotes CCSA's Jed Wallace, who has never seen a school he didn't want to privatize. Naturally Wallace's disgusting remarks call for the LAUSD Board to ignore the Superintendent's recommendations for public schools and to give schools (ie. public property) over to his corporate clients. I had some choice words for the slimy CCSA CEO:

Any wonder Jed Wallace, who gets paid handsomely to increase charter-voucher school market share, would disrespect our community's wishes and make such disparaging remarks? CNCA's track record is spotty at best, they are an entirely undemocratic organization run by hedge fund managers, and they were soundly rejected by the voters in our community.

The rhetoric of these charter-voucher vultures is reprehensible. The only "choice" they want us to have is to choose to let them privatize the entire district and then watch as they funnel public funds into their oversized pockets. They insist all the while that they're getting rich "for the kids."

That PSC is the greatest tribute to Orwell's Newspeak one could ever witness is seen in Wallace's despicable suggestion that the Board should ignore the Superintendent's recommendation, and give our school away to a private entity run by outsiders. In those sentiments we see that PSC isn't about "public schools," nor is it about "choice." It's about handing public schools over to private corporations.

The California Charter School Association (CCSA) was founded by proud racist and nativist, Steve Poizner.


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