Saturday, November 06, 2010

Open Letter to LAUSD VP Flores regarding Anthony Krinsky

Keep the PUBLIC in public schools
Vice President Flores-Aguilar:

I don't know if this right-wing troll Anthony Krinsky works directly for you [1], Eli Broad, the CCSA, DFER, Green Dot, Parent Revolution or is a friend of someone like Bill Grundfest. However, you don't need a CORO fellowship to know how to back search a blogger URI, which Krinsky had linked to his facebook account. Remember I attended UCLA just like you Ms. Flores, it's just that I majored in Classical Civilization, while you seemingly majored in Self Colonization Studies. I've known who this Krinsky guy is for some time, but really paid no mind since his poorly conceived writing is reminiscent of a disinterested teen enrolled in one of those charter-voucher institutions you're so fond of. Nor does it surprise me that you, a Gates Foundation employee, would follow the blog of a guy that idolizes Jim DeMint and Meg Whitman.

However, his Wednesday post crossed the line in several regards. Vice President Aguilar, since you are in contact with Mr. Krinsky please do me the favor of forwarding this letter on to your fellow right wing reactionary colleague.

[1] You do after all, follow his blog. For authentication see both the enclosed image and pdf files.


Mr. Krinsky:

I was somewhat amused to learn you attended Harvard, given that your prose reads like the screed of an angry forth grade charter school dropout. I'm also glad to see that you're finally using your real name as of yesterday instead of hiding behind aliases like 'the edobserver Anthony.' I of course, have always used my full name when engaging in polemics for the past two decades, since I have nothing to hide and am not afraid of speaking truth to power.

Up to now I've tolerated your childish and baseless accusations, but your vile and disgusting post on Wednesday has forced me to speak out.

1) You accuse me of taking money from UTLA or another union one more time and my Public Interest Lawyer will do exactly what you write is your fear. Let's say that you and Melissa will be cleaning my bathroom for decades to pay off that kind of settlement. I am not paid by any unions, nor am I a member of a union.

2) I have never stalked any of you reactionary privatizers in my life. I've never photographed any of you right wing dolts in the park or at your homes. What I have done, is openly photograph ed-deformers at political events serving political roles at public places like LAUSD and UTLA. I'm a widely published freelance writer. Taking photographs of politicians, public figures, and 501c3 staffers working political events isn't stalking -- it's photojournalism.

Let's be clear, I don't stalk or sneak. If I see someone in public and want to confront them, I walk up to them like a man and talk to them. Just ask Ms. Flores-Aguilar's staffer Ron Palacios what happened when I saw him trying to undermine the Trinational Coalition To Defend Public Education event last year.

Likewise, please feel free to make arrangements to call me a thug, creep, or a stalker in person instead of just on your blog. To be sure, I never call anyone something in my prose that I would be afraid to say to their face. In your bizarre-stream-of-consciousness-blog, you write that you have concerns and deep fears about my specialized military training. You need not be concerned with that. I'm a peaceful man.

With the deepest possible contempt

Robert D. Skeels -- a Public Education Advocate


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