Thursday, November 04, 2010

Obama and the “Superman” School Predators | Black Agenda Report

"I don't know any reasonable person who would champion charter schools as a model, when only 17% do better than conventional public schools, and only do better by skimming the strongest students and purging the low-performers, sending them back to the neighborhood schools." — wseadawg

Black Agenda Report's executive editor Glen Ford speaks truth to corporate charter power!

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In addition to listening to the radio show, check out the full transcript of Ford's incredible commentary!

Obama and the “Superman” School Predators

Corporate School Reform. Featuring fake stats, dubious studies, bogus high states testing, unproven teacher merit pay schemes, charter schools including military charters schools, patronage, cronyism, corruption, worse educational outcomes, thousands of sExcerpt:
“Waiting for Superman” is a scam and a sham, that has been catapulted into the national political conversation by a $2 million marketing grant from the Emperor, himself, Bill Gates. In the most perverse sense, it is appropriate that Washington, DC’s Seed School is featured, since Gates and the hedge fund billionaire parasites consider their cash contributions to charter schools as “seed money” from which will grow a hybrid, publicly-funded school system where profiteers will flourish. In the last decade, these finance capitalists have enlisted a cadre of Democratic politicians to wage war against teachers and against the very idea of public education, exploiting the historical grievances of Black parents, especially.*
Emphasis mine.

Black Agenda Report's coverage of the corporate onslaught against public education has been peerless. Simply searching for the word charter on their site produces a wealth of articles that name names and call thing what they really are.


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