Monday, January 11, 2010

Where's the crocodile tears for the undocumented now Garcia, Flores-Aguilar, Melvin, Casillas, & Sanchez?

"We have our cake, and are eating it too." — Eli Broad (Predatory Pseudo-Philanthropist & Charter School Backer)

Defend our communities from the corporate charter fear campaign led by Alliance for a Better CommunityReading the Association of Raza Educators' open letter to Peoples College of Law and observing how even formerly progressive institutions will support immigrant rights in word, but not in deed. A.R.E. was right to call out P.C.L. on this incident of discrimination against the undocumented.

Notice too, the corporate friendly opportunists Monica Garcia of LAUSD, Yolie Flores-Aguilar of LAUSD, Veronica Melvin of Alliance for a Better Community, Maria Casillas of Families in Schools, Jarad Sanchez of Alliance for a Better Community, Mary Najara of Green Dot Public [sic] Schools/LAPU/Parent Revolution, and Gabe Rose of Green Dot Public [sic] Schools/LAPU/Parent Revolution—who crowed about civil rights and immigration when it fit their corporate privatization and union bashing agenda—are now nowhere to be found when actual incidents of civil rights abuses occur. Didn't LAUSD President Garcia make an impassioned speech about civil rights on November 11, 2009? Where is she now? I guess Steve Barr, Antony Ressler and Marco Petruzzi didn't call her up and tell her how they wanted this handled. I wonder why? Maybe the 501c3 crowd can make up another phony flyer and blame it on UTLA again.

Since Garcia, Flores-Aguilar, Melvin, Casillas, Sanchez, Najara, and Rose only care about the issue of immigrant rights as it pertains to continuing the flow of money from their reactionary right wing benefactors like the Broad Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, Walton Foundation, and Gates Foundations into their non-profit cash cows; it's no wonder there hasn't been a peep out of the very same people who had the nerve to stand in front of UTLA and slander the hard working women and men who teach children in our communities. Maybe one of you can write to me and explain what it's like to place profit before principles.

Hope all the lunches, donations, and benefactors you've garnered through your association with the well heeled Corporate CMO Charter Voucher Establishment have been worth your dignity.

Advocating Public Education

Robert D. Skeels



Anonymous said...

Right on Robert; I have nothing but contempt for both opportunists and hypocrites. I enjoy reading your reasoned comments on the PEAC blog.

Anonymous said...

ABC's Veronica Melvin recipient of the MillerCoors 2009 Líderes Program Award from the notoriously racist, reactionary, Adolph Coors Family.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Thank you for the Coors award tip, anonymous.