Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leonard J. Martin for Superintendent of Public Instruction

We need to end the privatization and "restructuring" of our schools. — Leonard J. Martin

Leonard J. Martin for Superintendent of Public InstructionLeonard J. Martin is a progressive candidate trying to get on the ballot for Superintendent of Public Instruction to run against bought off corporate lackeys like Sen. Gloria Romero whose extreme right wing privatization agenda would have made even Generalissimo Augusto Pinoche blush. Social justice activists, public education advocates, and progressives should check out Mr. Martin's site and his refreshing respect for students, parents, AND teachers. Mr. Martin has staked out progressive positions on the following platform points:

  • School Financing
  • Privatization and Restructuring
  • Health and Safety
  • Standardized Testing and Bilingual Education
  • Politicians Taking Over Schools
  • Military Recruitment in Schools
  • Commercialization and Fundraising
  • Yearly Conference


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