Friday, October 20, 2006

Supremacists' Anti-Immigrant Outreach Strategies

Joe Turner's Save Our State organization and their sister organization at Laguna Beach
Sugg's piece exposes the secret life of many MMP/SOS members and sympathizers. Quotes on supremacist tactics for working with partners like Gilchrist, Turner et al"

His most vitriolic comments were reserved for Hispanics, the new punching bags of the far right. "They breed like rats, worse than niggers, and send their money back to Mexico," Griffin roared. "Only thing I got for them is a bullet right between the eyes. Ship their dead butts back to Mexico."

Chris James, a delegate from White Revolution, also picked up on the anti-immigrant theme. He preached that racists could attract converts by finding "common ground" with the general public on issues such as illegal immigration. "Think racially and act locally," he urged.

When Minutemen and Save Our State make their specious claims about not being racists, understand that the quotes above are ideas the type that many of their membership subscribe to. Note too, that Aryan Nations members staffed Gilchist's congressional campaign office. The convention described in linked article is what AN believes in.


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