Thursday, October 19, 2006

Real Terrorism

With all the reactionary rationals of 'fighting terrorism' to support thier murderous policies overseas and repressive actions domestically, we might want to look at what real and tangible terrorism really is and how it seems to escape their 'talking points.' Firstly, we still have the outstanding issue of Luis Posada Carriles. Not a suspected, or even in Bush-think, a remotely connected with terrorism--but a confessed (and boastful) murderer and terrorist. Well loved by the U.S. ruling class for commiting his atrocities against other brown people, he is holed up in Bush's adopted state of Texas. Note that none of the white supremacist 'border vigilantes' like the MMP or SOS made a peep when Carriles entered the country without papers. So much for the racists' weak claim that they are enforcing the law. SW had a good article last month entitled Will the U.S. free a right-wing terrorist?.

The principled left have always maintained that the real threat of terrorism is some of the oldest right wing groups at home, including old standbys like the Klan. Despite the efforts of the reactionary media to paint Muslims as persons prone to violence, the most dangerous persons typically are white supremacists and U.S. militia types. When UK tech site "The Register" published an article about Sen. Kyl's right wing propaganda proclaiming neo-con vigilance in stopping terror, it was no surprise that topping the list was a white supremacist and several militia members. When the liberal left tells us to ignore racist groups like the Minutemen Project and Save Our State, we have good reason to point out that they are proto-fascist, nascent terrorist groups and must be stopped at any cost.

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