Saturday, December 02, 2017

Stop Wendy Carrillo from implementing the Betsy DeVos agenda!

“[C]harter schools with privately appointed boards do not represent the public but make decisions about how public funds are spent…” — NAACP

Wendy Carrillo is an enemy of public education. Carrillo is a contributing "network member" of the right-wing Education Post, an anti-public education and pro-privatization outfit funded by the Walton Family Foundation and other right-wing extremists.

Because Carrillo advocates for the same education privatization policies as reactionary Betsy DeVos, the right-wing, billionaire charter school trade association—the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is backing her. CCSA's Independent Expenditure (IE) committee is dumping huge sums into Carrillo's campaign, knowing they can count on her to attack public schools and increase charter industry's bottom line.

On June 8, 2010 Carrillo wrote a nasty hit piece for the Huffington Post entitled "California Superintendent of Public Instruction: More Than Just a Job" in which she attacks public schools, berates hardworking teachers, disparages labor unions, engages in ageism, shills for the lucrative charter school industry, and lastly she provided cover for right-wing candidate Gloria Romero.

There is a vicious smear in her piece, where she says that the "union is no longer able to strong arm education reform legislation" (citation supra). That alone is sufficient enough to establish Carrillo's vile, DeVos-style politics. Only neoliberal corporate education reformers recite this false narrative of unions versus the so-called reformers (read ideologically charged billionaires). That Carrillo didn't mention Romero's ties to to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Romero's pushing of the vile "trigger" legislation, or Romero's employment with the right-wing Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), all of which occurred prior to 2010, is further evidence of Carrillo's neoliberal corporate education reform leanings.

Carrilo is running for the California Assembly District 51. The special election is on December 5, 2017. Fight privatization and neoliberalism. Vote against Wendy Carrillo and her right-wing, Betsy DeVos agenda.


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