Monday, April 20, 2015

K-12NN Wire: How is CCSA's Ref Rodriguez hiding his billionaire and ideologue contributors?

First published April 20, 2015 on K-12 News Network

“In the long run, charter schools are being strategically used to pave the way for vouchers. The voucher advocates, who are very powerful and funded by right-wing foundations and families, recognize that the word voucher has been successfully discredited by enlightened Americans who believe in the public sector. So they’ve resorted to two strategies. First, they no longer use the word “vouchers.” They’ve adopted the seemingly benign phrase “school choice,” but they are still voucher advocates.” — Jonathan Kozol

CCSA SuperPAC April 2015 Form 460 by Robert D. Skeels

How does California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) hide the billionaires, fringe right-wingers, and extreme ideologues contributing to charter profiteer Refugio "Ref" Rodriguez and neoliberal school privatizer Tamar Galatzan's Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) campaigns? Hide those contributions by laundering them from one SuperPAC, to another SuperPAC (CCSA Advocates), to another SuperPAC (Parent Teacher Alliance in Support of Rodriguez, Galatzan, and Vladovic for School Board 2015, Sponsored by CCSA Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee).

Although they'll be able to hide the contributors until many months after the election, you can be sure it's the usual suspects supporting their fellow school privatization profiteers. Reed Hastings, Eli Broad, Michael Bloomberg, Philip Anschutz, and others are names they are likely hiding from the public.

Maybe the vile Ref Rodriguez can use those tens of millions of corporate dollars to make more ads mocking Bennett Kayser's disability.

PROFITS! Why Ref Rodriguez and his CCSA covet the LAUSD Board Seat


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