Sunday, March 01, 2015

Robert D. Skeels' Endorsements: March 2015 Primary Election

"To glorify democracy and to silence the people is a farce; to discourse on humanism and to negate people is a lie." — Paulo FreirePedagogy of the Oppressed

Vote for Dr. George McKenna, Scott Schmerelson, and Bennett Kayser

Los Angeles Unified School District

Seat 1 The Honorable Dr. George McKenna
Dr. George McKenna: Experienced, courageous, and principled. Not cowed by billionaires with fringe ideologies and their profiteer puppets at the CCSA.
Seat 3 Scott Schmerelson
Endorsed by AALA, CSEA, and more.
Soft endorsement: Ankur Patel. I initially gave Patel a sole endorsement because he had wonderful critiques of neoliberalism and charters on his website, but they all disappeared. People started telling me he equivocated on school privatization via charters at forums.
Soft endorsement: Carl J. Petersen. I admire Petersen's energy and tenaciousness, but his knowledge on pedagogy and policy is of concern. When I met him, I asked if he had read Ravitch, Dewey, or Freire. He said no, and I said at least read Ravitch. Being a board member takes more just being a parent—Tamar Galatzan's glaring incompetence proves just that.
Seat 5 The Honorable Bennett Kayser
Bennett Kayser: The board member who insists that the charter industry be obligated to educate every child instead of ones that don't cut into their revenues! Also, a strong supporter of Ethnic Studies, Adult Education, Early Education, and more.
Seat 7 no endorsement
Soft endorsement: Dr. Richard Vladovic. I've taken umbrage with some of Vladovic's decisions in the past, but I think his witnessing some of the things that Deasy and the CCSA have done may have made him more aware of his complicity in the neoliberal project.

Community College Board of Trustees

Seat 1 Francesca Vega
Seat 3 Sydney Kamlager
Seat 5 Scott Svonkin
Seat 7 Mike Fong

City Council

District 10 Grace Yoo

City of Los Angeles Measures 1 and 2

Measure 1 NO!
Measure 2 NO!

We may as well call these measures what they are: a cost saving movida so that Eli Broad, Philip Anschutz, and Rupert Murdoch won't have to spend as much money on future school board elections. Vote no on these reactionary, anti-democratic measures.



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